Being First in the Fight Against Cancer

First in the Fight Against Cancer
Carolinas HeathCare Systems - November 2017

When Angee Lee began a Phase I clinical trial for a new lung cancer drug, a team of people supported her. She had Edward Kim, MD, whom she calls “the most caring doctor in the world.” She had Donna Acampora, her trial manager who treated her like a friend and was quick to answer questions. And she had her personal trainer, Marcus McGruder.

That’s right – personal trainer.

Angee’s clinical trial was so effective that she returned to the gym right away. Her cough subsided almost completely. She felt better than she had in months, both physically and emotionally.

So she did what she had longed to do in the nine months following her diagnosis. She hit the treadmill, pushed a weighted sled, and did squats, push-ups and sprints. People in the gym slowly learned that among them was a woman with stage-four lung cancer who had already been through four rounds of chemotherapy and now was among the first people in the world to take a new cancer drug.

Read story in Daily Dose by Carolinas HealthCare Systems.

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