Can a Healthy Diet Combat the Effects of Pollution?

A diesel engine isn’t a typical piece of equipment found in a biology lab. But it’s just one of the unique lab instruments in the environmental toxicology lab of Giuseppe Valacchi, Ph.D., at N.C. State University’s Plants for Human Health Institute.

As part of his work at the institute, Dr. Valacchi researches how pollution affects human health. To do so, he exposes human tissue samples to pollutants in his lab; including exhaust from a diesel engine. In addition to the diesel engine, he has an instrument that “smokes” research-approved cigarettes to evaluate the effect of cigarette smoke (primary and second hand), an ozone generator and a solar simulator that tests the effects of ozone, ultraviolet radiation, respectively …

The research is increasing our understanding of the impact of pollution on human health and how phytochemicals from foods may offer protective or healing properties. Pollution kills about seven million people around the world each year, contributing to health problems such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and skin conditions.

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