Cancer Treatments: Getting Personal

Individualized Cancer Treatments
Charlotte Magazine - July 2016

WHEN DR. EDWARD KIM entered the field of lung cancer in the early 2000s, friends and colleagues wondered at his choice. “Lung cancer is so depressing,” they told him. But Kim continued. And now he’s in a position to see the field’s latest innovations in personalized cancer treatments.

“Lung cancer has really undergone a generational shift in the approach that we take,” Kim says. “It’s fundamentally a different cancer.”

Lung cancer isn’t alone in these advancements. Innovations in cancer research are changing the way researchers see cancer and increasing patients’ treatment options.

“Patients will start living longer with cancer because treatments have gotten better,” says Beth Thompson of Carolinas HealthCare System. “We’ve figured out more unique ways to treat patients, moving away from chemotherapy and radiation and moving on to studying the individual tumors.”

Here are three indicators of a larger shift in cancer care, happening right here in Charlotte.

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