Hope for Addiction: Awareness Campaign

Addiction Awareness Campaign
Atrium Health Awareness Campaign - August 2018

Helping a Loved One Overcome Addiction? We’re Here to Support You.

Behind the headlines about climbing rates of substance use disorders are millions of people whose daily lives are affected. The impact is felt by those who battle addiction and also by the people who love them – and often, who feel unsure how to help.

To those parents, significant others and friends: We see you, and we want to support you. To begin, we’d like you to know three things:

  • Addiction is a mental illness. It’s not a choice, but a disease.
  • Recovery works. Applying a disease model to addiction treatment is effective and proven.
  • There is hope. People recover from addiction and uncover their true lives.

Atrium Health has assembled resources to help and testimonials to offer encouragement. Your support can be crucial to your loved one’s recovery. Learn how.

Read stories for the campaign on the Atrium Health website: